Study Guide 7

Chapters 28--The Romantic Hero and Chapter 29--The Romantic Style in Art and Music

Chapter 28

1.  What are the key qualities or characteristics of the romantic hero?

2.  How and to whom was Napoleon Bonaparte a model of romanticism?

3.  How was Prometheus and Faust a metaphor and who, particularly, was intensely interested in these characters?

4.  What American personality serves as an example of the Promethean will and what was the result?

5.  Identify George Sand, Byronic egotism, nationalism, "feling it all," abolitionists, spirituals, stereotype, femme fatale.

Chapter 29

1.  What visual devices did Gros use to cast Napoleon in the role of a hero?

2.  What events are depicted in Goya's The Third of May, 1808?

3.  Name some of the violent themes represented in the works of romantic artists.

4.  How did the French represent the figure of Napoleon?

5.  What is the factual background of Gericault's The Raft of the Medusa?

6.  What are the principal features of the romantic style in music?

7.  Which musical instrument became most popular in the nineteenth century?  Why?

8.  Identify the following terms: